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A group of tortoise is called a Creep!

Lighter shelled tortoise come from warmer countries.

Can Tortoise Swim? – No but they can hold their breath for long periods.

What is the Latin name for a tortoise – Testudinidae!

Tortoise can live to 100yrs old!!!


What is a Tortoise natural habitat? Basically tortoise live on land, but some enjoy fresh water. Different Tortoise live in different types of environments from deserts and semi-arid areas to lakes, lagoons and swamps and tropical forests. Tortoise are found in the wild in many countries including: Desert Tortoise – California US.


Tortoise mainly come from the Southern Hemisphere incl. South USA, South America, Middle/South Africa. Found in many Mediterranean countries, Russia, parts of the Middle East & Australia.


This is something may be better explained by one of Manchester Pet’s knowledgeable staff whilst having a coffee in store, but it’s very difficult to sex your tortoise until maturity has been reached – normally 4-8 years.


Do Tortoise make good pets? Tortoise make excellent pets! Some say they are now a No1 Pet that are suited to most types of people. Very much enjoyed by children who can also learn about responsibility whilst taking care of them? Tortoise are fairly inexpensive to set up for, to care for and to feed and, of course, they have long lives during which we feel they’ll escalate in value, and the current offer at MP&A makes them very inexpensive to purchase. Couple all this with; they can be left on their own, don’t need taking for a walk, are kept in nice furniture units, make little mess, don’t chew the furniture, bite the Postman and usually aren’t a problem when you want to go on holiday. Plus they are a truly fascinating pet, like no other, and if you think they haven’t any character – Think Again!


Tortoise now live in nice indoor furniture units

Tortoise make little mess

Tortoise are easy to keep

Tortoise don’t need taking for a walk!

Tortoise cost little to feed

Going on holiday tortoise are easily cared for!

Children love tortoise including caring for them

Tortoise help children understand responsibility

Tortoise can be Brilliant characters!

Tortoise don’t chew the furniture!


Do Tortoise make good pets – Yes

Do Tortoise have their own personalities – Yes

Do Tortoise need companions – Basically No

How fast are Tortoise – Varies but say .17mph

Are Tortoise solitary creatures – Basically Yes

Do I need advice setting up for a Tortoise - Yes


Once you have your tortoise enclosure with all the help supplied from MP&A, you should find looking after your new pet fairly easy including feeding, water, general care & don’t rule out letting your tortoise have a run in the garden

in nicer weather, but keep an eye on him/her!


Most land-based tortoise are herbivores, feeding on grasses, weeds, leafy greens, flowers, and some fruits, although some omnivorous species are in this family. Pet tortoise typically require diets based on wild grasses, weeds, leafy greens and certain flowers. Certain species consume worms or insects

and carrion in their normal habitats. Too much protein is detrimental in herbivorous species, and has been associated with shell deformities and other medical problems. As different tortoise species vary greatly in their nutritional requirements, it is essential to thoroughly research dietary needs of individual tortoises.


A tortoise doesn’t have teeth it has what is called a “beak” & although on occasion they might mistake your fingers for a dandelion leaf, tortoise are not normally aggressive.

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