Our experienced, friendly staff are always happy to help.

You can contact us on:  0161 273 5447

Why not call in for a chat & a coffee. We are opposite

the Apollo Theatre, Stockport Road, Manchester.

Opening Times:

Monday - Saturday                  9am to 5.30pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays      10am to 4.00pm

Late Night Thursday till                        8.00pm

Please Note:- We always put our livestock first, So do be aware

that our “Menagerie” doesn't open until after 10:30am (standard day)

letting staff first clean out, feed & tend all it's inhabitants. So it might

be better to aim to join us after this time if your visit is livestock related! 

FURTHERMORE - With our animals' interests at heart, livestock sections

close up to 30mins before we finish, allowing staff to properly tend all pets prior to us closing.

So if your visit involves seeing things that have feathers, are furry, slither or swim etc. try and get to us at least 45mins

before close of play and that way there should be more staff free to help you with any pet needs.

Manchester Pets & Aquatics  66 Stockport Road, Manchester M12 6AL

Telephone:  0161 273 5447

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